They oppose homogenized global fashion with their selection of rare styles.
They nurture independent labels and projects.
Like the Indigenous, they stand strong.

Paris, June 2010.
Eleven of them met at Veja studio. They are: Oi Polloi, Addict,(...)Prive Joke, No Void Plus, Diverse Menswear,Antic Boutik, The Three Threads...

Photographer : Henrike Stahl

France Hankart - Prive Joke - Brussels
Indígenos High Top Camel

Gréogory Siary - No Void Plus - Aix-en-Provence
Indígenos High Top Atoll

Liticia Cerqueira - CC - Paris
Indígenos Low Graphite

Tony  - Addict - Palma de Mallorca

Sebastian Bessley & Patrick Little - Oi Polloi - Manchester - UK
Indígenos High Top Nautico & Indígenos Low Burgundy

Laerke Feld ANdersen - The three threads - London
Indígenos Low Clay

Alex Mein - Diverse - London
Indígenos High Top Brown

Tony & Suso - Addict - Palma de Mallorca
Indígenos High Top Camel & Indígenos Low Creme

Indígenos Suede Nautico

Indígenos style made of vegetable-tanned suede with a wild rubber sole.