For 3 years Veja has been working with Impression Durable, a French printer. The Veja grapgic team decided to visit the recycling paper factory in Odense, Denmark.

Delivery of collected paper to be turned into pulp.
Paper Mill– Naestved, Denmark


Bundle of recover paper
Paper Mill - Naestved, Denmark

Re-pulping and flotation : recovered papers are soaked in a bath of hot water.
The foam collected from the surface of the baths is used by a cement works.
Paper Mill - Naestved, Denmark

Waste from the re-pulping process designed for use by the construction industry.
Paper Mill - Naestved, Denmark

Machine room
Paper Mill - Naestved, Denmark

Wet pulp paper sheets on palet
Paper Mill - Naesstved, Denmark

Marking of the pulp sheets ready to go to the Odense factory.
The pulp is not dried, instead it will be soaked again at Odense.
Paper Mill - Naesstved, Denmark

A palet of recycled paper at the end of the process.
Odense - Dalum PapirFabrik