Black and White Forest at No-one, London

To launch the arrival of Veja in store, No-One shop, located in the Shoreditch district of London, welcomes an installation questioning man’s impact on the Amazonian rainforest (...)

Veja Project Part 1: An ounce of Amazonia

From Amazonia to your sole: The Veja sole making process....

From the Amazon to the Ethical Fashion Show


Beatriz Saldanha, collaborator and friend of Veja, leaves the Amazon for Paris in a few days for the Ethical Fashion Show (9th – 12th October).

Beatriz, along with the local populations of the Amazon, has been fighting against deforestation for more than 20 years. In a conference during the Ethical Fashion Show, she will discuss her 'use of wild rubber' campaign and initiatives for safeguarding the Amazon.

The Amazon: natural rubber and forest preservation

The Amazonian rainforest could disappear by 2020. In order to preserve the world largest forest, the Seringueiros, people who live in the jungle, collect rubber from hevea trees and fight against land clearing...

Novo Mundo(s) - Photography Exhibition

The photographer Florent Demarchez followed us to Brazil. He has been to the Amazon and Ceará (North Brazil) to meet the “Seringueiros” (Rubber Trappers) and organic cotton producers we work with...

A Proud Cow Boy

We met this guy at the border of the Amazonian forest. Proud to show us his small ranch, to talk a bit with the “estrangeiros… Amazonia and the Seringueiros'