ALICE : any road will get you there

A.L.I.C.E presents the work of visual artists who have emerged from the subcultures of graffiti, skateboarding, punk, and hip-hop. Installations and exhibitions by these artists in store include painting, sculpture, and photography, as well as film, video, and products....

Lace VS Velcro

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The Veja collection of kids trainers is now available with a new velcro fastening. Handy and giving more autonomy to children, the velcro Veja Small are available in ecological leather and suede.


Veja Project Part 2: What about organic cotton?

A semi arid area in Brazil: organic cotton farmers and reels of cotton threads...

Veja Project Part 1: An ounce of Amazonia

From Amazonia to your sole: The Veja sole making process....

Behind Veja trainers

The Grid : photographic research

Veja takes a look at the postindustrial era we live in and photographs this overlapping networked world....

Poste - South Molton Street, London

With old wooden floors, vintage Chesterfield furniture, and LP covers from The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac and Kraftwerk decorating the walls, Poste is a small and welcoming store whose philosophy is to straddle the line between fine shoe shop and sneaker spot....

War on imagination

A Wall Street banker smashes his computer, corporations lying to the public,
rampant consumption, and capitalism spinning out of control......

From the Amazon to the Ethical Fashion Show


Beatriz Saldanha, collaborator and friend of Veja, leaves the Amazon for Paris in a few days for the Ethical Fashion Show (9th – 12th October).

Beatriz, along with the local populations of the Amazon, has been fighting against deforestation for more than 20 years. In a conference during the Ethical Fashion Show, she will discuss her 'use of wild rubber' campaign and initiatives for safeguarding the Amazon.

It’s “Reigning Men!” at Junky Styling

One of the hottest events of London Fashion
Week was Junky Styling's Spring
Summer 09 catwalk.

Known for its edgy recycled collections
made out of old men’s suits found
in second-hand stores, Junky Styling
has presented its new experimental pinstripe
and tweed collection…We love it!