From Rio’s Favelas to the Tate Modern Gallery

Modern ghettos are results of how urbanism can overwhelm and dehumanize human beings.

The French artist “JR” encourages the inhabitants of these ghettos to take artistic revenge. Using a 28 millimeter camera, he takes pictures of people living in these areas and turns them into stickers that he fixes on the street walls.

The Grid Collection

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ADSL wire tangles, fences along erased borders, cities crossed by roaring streets|| the world has become a network of networks.

Make the difference

In an article called “Agroecological cotton and fair trade make the difference”, Pedro Jorge, the agricultural engineer Veja works with in Brazil, takes stock of the evolution of organic cotton farming and fair trade in the Céara region, NorthEast of Brazil.

He notably reconsiders fair trade stakes, advantages and drawbacks of agroecology, but also the transgenic cotton threat and the importance of certification in response to the increasing number of parties involved.

Veja for kids : Ecological Leather Collection

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Last March, Veja launched a collection of ecological trainers for kids, made from organic cotton canvas and wild rubber from the Amazon.

The Fall Winter 08 Veja Small collection is pop coloured and made from ecological leather and suede, tanned with acacia extracts.

May the Farm be with you

Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away…

Veja sneakers for kids?

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Kids can now have their own Veja sneakers!

Launching Veja Small, for kids aged 2 to 10 year old. The Veja Small are inspired by the Veja Tauá collection, made from organic cotton and natural rubber from the Amazon.

The collection is available from the end of March.

Lilli Bulle - Paris /
Notenom Odd - Barcelona.

Veja Volley Summer 08 Collection

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Ecological cotton canvas with natural Amazonian rubber sole, the new Veja Volley collection is now available.

Killiwatch / Paris
Eks / Madrid
The Shop at Bluebird / London.

The Amazon: natural rubber and forest preservation

The Amazonian rainforest could disappear by 2020. In order to preserve the world largest forest, the Seringueiros, people who live in the jungle, collect rubber from hevea trees and fight against land clearing...

Veja at Fashion Made Fair - London

Ethical Fashion Show 2007

Ethical fashion in conferences, fashion shows and showrooms. About a hundred designers from all over the world.

October 11th-14th at Le Tapis Rouge 67 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin 75010 Paris M° Gare de l’Est, Château d’eau, Strasbourg Saint Denis