Veja in the air

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Good luck with the new song “El Indio” of the Facto Delafé y las Flores Azules band from Barcelona...

Ad ban in São Paulo

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A few months ago, São Paulo put into effect a radical ban on outdoor advertising called “Lei Cidade Limpa” or “Clean City Law”.

The Clean City Law aims at combating both visual and water, air and sound pollutions. Since then, billboards, outdoor video screens and ads on buses and taxis have been eliminated.

See : São Paulo: The City That Said No To Advertising - Newsweek - June 18, 2007,

A City without Ads

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São Paulo since the “Clean City Law”.

Photographer : Tony de Marco Set FlickR : São Paulo No Logo - Tony de Marco - FlickR


Veja + Christine Phung Exhibition

The Veja + Christine Phung collection is exhibited in preview at Printemps Design in the Centre Pompidou until the end of August 07.

Veja at Beaubourg

Behind the Scenes

Coloured Splashes

Photos taken by photographer Florent Demarchez inspired by the electric colours of the Veja + Christine Phung collection....

Ecological Leather in Brazil

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Acacia-tanned leather...

Veja + Christine Phung

A year ago, Veja invited the young French fashion designer Christine Phung to collaborate the new Veja Tauá collection made with ecological leather and natural wild latex.
The electric colours and optical sets of stripes on the laces have been inspired by Pop aesthetic....

Veja Dance Class

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Ethical Fashion Runway Fair Trade Forum. Paris, April 28th-29th.